We are a motivated & energetic group of people focused on delivering only the best tools & services to our customers.

Our Story

Once upon a time a few people got together to create the best network design tool. The rest is history…

Where We've Been

Since 2008, Teldio has been developing voice & data apps for the digital two-way radio industry. Turning radios into smartradios required us to work closely with dealers, and we saw the many challenges associated with managing two-way radio networks. This led to the development of D3M in early 2014. The tool was created specifically for radio dealers and manufacturers to better design, document, deliver & manage their radio networks, project proposals and customer deployment process.

Where We're Headed

We started D3M to make it easier to create and share radio projects, and we’re continuing to do just that. Every day we add new features to make it easier for organizations to improve their process from the deployment stage through to post-sales support. We won’t stop until D3M is adopted throughout the two-way radio industry by both large national resellers and localized dealerships.

Our Trusted Partners

Meet The Brains Behind D3M!

Over the years, we’ve built a team of energetic individuals with a strong customer & product focus.

Carl Carruthers


Hands down Carl is the funniest, most outspoken person in the office. Working in the telecommunications industry for 30+ years, he believes that a fun & collaborative atmosphere is a breeding ground for innovation. Carl foresees D3M being used in every radio dealership worldwide.

Ken Dumont

VP Business Development & Partnerships

With over 25 years experience in the communications & software industries, Ken is leading D3M’s growth and partnership efforts to become the leading network design & management app. When he’s not out looking for new partnership opportunities, Ken can be found sitting poolside with a cool beverage.

Dave Chapman

Director of Development

Dave is D3M. Leading the development team, he knows the ins & out of the tool better than anyone. Seeing the best in everything and everyone, he hopes the tool can be adopted throughout the two-way industry and envisions other sectors using the tool as well.

Christopher Sisto

Director of Marketing & Product Management

Chris lives and breaths D3M, entrepreneurship and his dog Whiskey, in that order. Have a question about D3M? He’s your man. Chris wants to enhance all aspects of the two-way radio network experience with D3M. Service with a smile.

Christian Storgaard

Director of Finance

Christian loves a good budget and keeping everyone on track. When he’s not balancing the books, he’s spending time outdoors sailing, golfing and teaching personal finance to children on his downtime. Christian believes that when people have the right tools & support, people outdo themselves every time.

Damithri Silva

Director of Operations

‘D’ knows everything there is to know about two-way radios, applications and sports (especially the Toronto Raptors). With 10+ years of experience in computer systems, quality assurance & customer support, she’s revolutionized Teldio’s customer support & installation process.

Interested in Joining the Team? D3M is always looking for passionate people to join our team.
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